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How to Measure Your Gymnast

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We want to offer the best customer service!

We need to be able to read your orders!

How do you place orders?

  1. Know your team colours.
  2. Have a design or two in mind.
  3. Consider what fabrics you prefer, ie., lycra, hologram or mystique.
  4. Consider the use of rhinestones to accent the leotard.
  5. Know the approximate number of suits you will need for the duration of the designs.
  6. Contact us by phone, fax, or email so we can discuss your ideas
    1-888-JAGWEAR (1-888-524-9327)

What we will do next:

  1. Discuss your ideas with you.
  2. Help with alternate suggestions if needed, ie., fabric choice, design or rhinestones.
  3. Provide a quote and suggested time of delivery (may be based on competition schedule).
  4. Make a sample suit.

The fitting of the leotard!

  1. All athletes need to be measured (in a leotard/singlet or undergarments) according to our girls' or boys' size charts.
  2. Choose the fit you like, ie., sleek fit or comfortable fit.
  3. Choose a long sleeve/ sleeveless leotard.
  4. When an athlete is between sizes? Pick the closest fit and tell us what needs changing (eg. "12-long" or "14-short" depending on which width fits better; you decide).


Payment is required to start your order.